If you are an overtime social worker and you look in the mirror seriously, you will find dark circles appear on your face, so no matter whether it is boys or girls, it is impossible to avoid the problem of dark circles. How can I effectively remove dark circles?

First, it can be divided into three types according to the local causes of the eye area.

1, vascular or circulating dark circles

This is the most common type of dark circles, also called blue eyes. Mainly due to blood retention caused by factors such as lack of sleep and eye fatigue. Sometimes accompanied by edema, usually in this position.

2. Pigment type dark circles

This kind of dark circles is stubborn and generally appears brown. Mainly due to long-term sun exposure, damage, and long-term siltation. Usually in this position.

3. Relaxed or dark eye circles

This kind of visual effect which is not actually dark circles, mainly caused by loose and aging skin collapse . Need to deal with eye bags. Usually this style of painting.

The above three types, in which pigmented dark circles, when lifting the corners of the eyes, the color of the color patch will not change at all, and the other two will be slightly lighter. The three types usually do not exist in isolation. If you have all of the above three types, then it is quite unlucky.

Second, how to get dark circles

1, tea bags applied to the eyes help to remove dark circles

used tea bags, it has a good effect on improving dark circles. First filter the used tea bags to dry, otherwise the color of the tea leaves will increase your dark circles, then put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, then take it out and apply it to the dark circles, you can see for a while Dark circles are significantly improved!

2. Potato chips are very effective for eye whitening

Everyone should know that the whitening effect of potatoes is excellent, if you often stay up late to work overtime If you are suffering from dark circles, you can try to use potato chips to whiten your eyes. First cut the potatoes into slices. Apply the thinning to the dark circles to lighten the black. eye socket.

3. Pay attention to nutritional balance in life

Often eating some shrimp and celery has a good effect on dark circles caused by poor liver function, In addition, fruits are suitable for eating more citrus, etc .; insisting on drinking a cup of red jujube tea every day can help blood gas accelerate.

Carrot juice or tomato juice also have the effect of relieving eye fatigue; regular drinking of boiled water can effectively discharge the waste circle in the body, it is best to drink 8 glasses of water every day; usually eat iron and vitamins C food.

3. What to eat can go to dark circles

1, vitamin supplement

If you stay up all night, Eyes need to withstand huge work pressure, computer screen radiation, light stimulation, etc., will cause eye discomfort. When staying up late to eat, appropriate consumption of carrots, almonds, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, animal liver, sunflower seeds and other foods can help supplement vitamin A and vitamin E, relieve eye muscle tension, moisturize the eyes, prevent dark circles.

2. Protein supplement

protein is the source of life. Night stayers, especially those who stay up late for a long time, must pay attention to protein supplements. Fish, milk, seafood, seafood, chicken, lean meat and other foods are rich in high-quality protein, which is easy for the body to absorb and use, and provides energy for staying up late.

3. Iron supplement