In nature, the retrograde rotation of everything will always bring about a series of changes and bad effects. The retrograde movement of the stars is like the retrograde flow of nature, and it will also cause a series of changes and influences. So, when Venus is retrograde, what effect does it have on Libras? Let's take a look!

  Because the star’s retrograde motion always makes the star weak, and the things that it dominates are also prone to change. However, Venus symbolizes the desire to share and cooperate, give and pursue harmony, and it also symbolizes love and being loved. Therefore, when Venus is retrograde, for Libra people, they should be wary of the money they have on hand, otherwise they will easily enter a period of fast slipping away, and some mature people will reflect on their own values ​​due to reasons. This time is not suitable for luxury goods, artwork transactions and personal appearance modification. And once you compare the new love and the old love, it will complicate the immediate relationship.

  Moreover, during this period, Libra people will become stalemate with their family-related things. Therefore, before the end of the golden rebellion, they may have no intention of revealing their confusion to their families. It would be as difficult to let them spit out any word like digging a daughter. If there are problems that need to be solved with their ideas, please delay as much as possible. In this way, everything will become much simpler. At the same time, they will become increasingly thirsty for the intimacy between family members, and they want to get support and a sense of security, but it seems not so easy to meet this need at present.

  It is now suitable to imagine how to improve the home environment, but there is no urgent need to put it into reality. Venus is their ruler, and with retrograde, the past may start to pull, even in love. Old people may emerge from the physical or mental state and encroach on their minds. Therefore, they will also face the confrontation of past karma at the moment. At the same time, intimate partners may have been lost inadvertently, and they may not receive emotional (or financial) support when they are most helpless.

  It can be seen that when Venus is retrograde, the main impact for Libras is their emotional aspect. For this, they should pay attention to emotional changes at this time and control their current emotional relationships. In order to avoid an irreversible situation!

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