Mental Health
    Moral health is a new definition of health proposed by the World Health Organization, that is: in addition to physical health, mental health and social well-being, there must be good moral cultivation. Lack of moral cultivation, preoccupied with things, not only calculating others, but also guarding against other people's plot or revenge against them, all day long in tension, anger and depression, the brain will not be at peace.
    1. Preserving morality first
    2. Harmony Health
    3. Food supplements are not as good as divine supplements
    4. Those who gain God prosper, those who lose God die
    5. Excessive love, all kinds of diseases, and all kinds of diseases
    6. Loneliness makes you grow old
    7. Low self-esteem is a catalyst for aging
    8. Those in a hurry reach the grave first
    9. Rarely confused
    11. Take it easy
    12. The environment is created by the heart
    13. Illness comes to mind
    14. Take a step back and see the sky
    15. Longevity of the tolerant
    16. The benevolent longevity
    17. Happy birthday
    18. A boy with a heart
    19. Do more with less desire
    20. Contentment
    21. A happy solution to a thousand sorrows
    22. Smile and cure all diseases
    23. Talking and laughing through the seven orifices
    24. Often hide the childlike innocence and often catch the childlike interest
    25. Heart music is good medicine
    26. Life is forty hundred things to worry about
    27. Boys have tears and do not flick
    28. Mood and anger are invisible
    29. Joy and sorrow
    30. Don't cry over spilled milk
    31. Don't hold back when you're angry, don't save money and be blessed
    32. Don't be afraid of old people, but be afraid of old hearts
    33. Don't be angry, don't worry, live to the end
    Disease Prevention and Treatment
    Prevention of disease breeding is the premise of health. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has attached great importance to the prevention of diseases, and put forward the proposition that "the best doctor can cure the disease". In addition to actively preventing diseases from entering the mouth, Chinese people pay great attention to preventing diseases from diet, clothing, and hygiene according to seasonal changes, and pay special attention to mobilizing the body's own immune function to resist the breeding of diseases. treatment to avoid serious illness. The proverbs and aphorisms in this article are a summary of the experience of the Chinese people in disease prevention, treatment, and health preservation, and they still have a very significant impact on people's health.
    34. Health is a blessing, no disease is a joy
    35. The doctor treats the disease before
    36. Recuperating from illness is like raising a tiger
    37. The human body has its own big medicine in
    38. Healing must be based on this
    39. Don't take medicine and heal
    40. Health care is precious in raising the heart
    41. Eight Treasures Soup
    42. Blood Discomfort will lead to all kinds of diseases
    43. People get old before they get old
    44. Dry mouth and tongue disease symptoms
    45. In the early morning, when the teeth are thirty-six, the old teeth will not be
    46. ​​Nutritional brain is not afraid of aging
    47. A small prescription cures a serious illness
    48. Three points of treatment and seven points of recuperation
    49. The broken jar can be boiled
    50. Illness comes like a mountain, sickness goes like a thread
    51. The plan of the year lies in spring
    52. Nourishing Yang in spring and summer, nourishing yin in autumn and winter
    53. Summer health care focuses on nourishing the heart
    54. In the summer, there is no disease and three points of deficiency.
    55. Calm and naturally cool
    56. Treat summer diseases in winter and treat winter diseases in summer
    57. Reinvigorate lung yin in autumn season
    58. Winter tonic is at the bottom of autumn
    59. Supplement with pass
    60. Eating bees for a long time will not cause diseases
    61. Chaochao Salt Soup Late Night Honey Water
    62. Three nines make up one season, and there will be no pain in the coming year
    63. Illness comes from the mouth
    64. Take medicine and don't avoid the doctor's broken leg
    65. Cold is the source of all diseases
    66. In spring and autumn, there is no miscellaneous disease
    67. Summer is not open chest is hot not cold back
    68. Sit and lie down when the wind is on the verge of bathing in a warm place
    69. The cold starts from the feet and the heat dissipates from the head.
    70. The old pedicle will wilt first, and the old legs will decline first.
    71. Tree care, root care, foot care
    72. Often rub the soles of the feet to prevent disease and fitness
    73. Washing your feet before going to bed is better than taking tonics
    74. Paida Zusanli wins to eat old hens
    75, rubbing the chest and beating the back to live a hundred years old
    76. Massage the abdomen to eliminate all diseases
    77. Comb your hair for ten minutes to easily prevent stroke
    78. Acupuncture and cupping cure half of the disease
    Good Habits
    In the history of civilization for thousands of years, our country has always attached importance to cultivating good living habits. In the process of fighting against nature, people realize more and more deeply that good living habits are an important symbol of a nation's civilization and politeness, and it is also an important guarantee for preventing and defeating diseases and prolonging life. The main content and basic principles of health care. Facts have shown that most of the long-lived and healthy people throughout the ages have no bad habits. Now, cultivating good living habits is not only the need to promote the construction of spiritual civilization in our country, but also an important aspect to improve the health level of the whole nation. The common sayings, proverbs and aphorisms in this article are the health preservation methods summed up by people in terms of diet, sleep and daily life, and exhort people to abandon bad habits in order to ensure good health.
    79. Life is regular and daily life is regular
    80. Overeating accelerates aging
    81. I lived to ninety at the time of eating and clothing
    82. Eat well in the morning, eat well in the afternoon, and eat less in the evening
    83. The beauty of the mouth and the bitterness of the stomach and intestines
    84. Don’t shave your head when you’re full, don’t take a bath when you’re hungry
    85. One meal hurts ten thirsty soup
    86. Eating without talking or sleeping without saying a word
    87. Eating slowly is better than eating ginseng
    88. Drinking soup before meals is better than prescription
    89. Soup rice is not chewy
    90. Don’t be in a hurry when hungry
    91. Don't be hungry or thirsty or drink too much
    92. Drink as much as you want
    93. Drinking alcohol makes the liver cry
    94. The amount of alcohol is innate and must not be practiced.
    95. Drinking alcohol to keep out the cold is even colder
    96. I'm sorry
    97. If you want to be healthy and long-lived, don’t learn to smoke and drink.
    98. Lack of sleep makes you grow old
    99, the old mouth changes
    100. Nap wins gold
    101. Go to bed early and get up early for good health
    102. The more you sleep, the more tired you are
    103. Sleeping at night
    104. Sleep first, then sleep
    105. Wash your face with cold water for beauty and health care
    106. Take a bath a day and live like a fairy and never grow old
    107. A mouthful of spit is worth a thousand gold
    108. Standing, standing and sitting, sitting and sitting
    109. Be young and keep your chest high
    110. Sitting without tilting your head, sleeping without covering your head, walking without bowing your head
    111. The old man walks away with his hands behind his back
    112. I'm in a hurry
    113. Snoring every night to accompany the king of hell
    114. The first thirty years of sleeplessness
    115、Nightmare report sickness
    116. It is better to wash in the morning than at night.
    117. To gain longevity
    118、Nothing is worth it
    119. Hot without burning lips and cold without cold teeth
    120. It is better to have no food for three days than to have no water for one day
    121. A glass of water in the morning will not regret it until old age
    122. Don't hold back when you have urine
    124. Sitting for a long time hurts the flesh and the spleen
    125. Multilingualism is lack of breath
    126. The long-term vision hurts the blood and the heart
    127、Sit and rest
    128、To build up the bones
    129. To raise the tendons
    130. How many diseases are used on mobile phones to touch the head
    131. Watching too much TV is a disservice
    132. The scourge of a cigarette after a meal is boundless
    133. Don't give a shit
    Dietary Health
    Eating is the main source of human nutrition and the basic guarantee for human survival. People are inseparable from food every day. Since ancient times in our country, there is a saying that "people take food as their heaven". People have also found in long-term social practice that many foods are also medicines, which have good preventive and therapeutic effects on some diseases, that is, medicine and food are of the same origin. Therefore, the motherland medicine put forward the idea of ​​combining medicine with food, that is, organically combining diet with the prevention and treatment of diseases. For thousands of years, people have followed this principle and have achieved outstanding results in maintaining health and fitness. Today, with the great improvement of living standards, people's dietary concept is undergoing great changes. They not only require enough to eat, but also hope to eat reasonably and maintain nutritional balance in the body, so as to achieve the goal of health and longevity. The proverbs in this article describe the importance of a reasonable diet and the main methods of using diet to prevent and cure diseases.
    134、The people take food as the sky
    135. Medicine and food homology
    136. Medications are not as good as food supplements
    137. All things in the world are called treasures
    138. Eating five grains to cure all diseases
    139. Eat less meat and more vegetables and eat more chewing
    140. Less salt, more vinegar, less sugar and more fruit
    141. To be safe
    142. The shredded radish often eats off the root
    143. In the spring, do not eat the liver
    144. Drinking dog meat soup can treat a quilt as a quilt in winter
    145. On every nine, a chicken will be in good health in the coming year
    146. If you want to avoid insomnia, cook porridge and add white lotus
    147. Insufficient energy and energy
    148. Only eat porridge to the gods
    149. Eat more beans to live longer
    150. Soymilk will be poisoned if it is not cooked and drunk
    151. Drinking soy milk often can nourish the face
    152. It is better to eat two legs than to eat four legs, eat
    153. Lamb and Pork Trotter Soup
    154、I don't want to eat anything
    155. The commonly used five-spice powder is less on the door of the hospital
    156. Three days without eating acid and walking trembling
    157. I would rather have no rice for three days than a meal without tea
    158. Drinking enough tea can remove all diseases
    159. Drinking chrysanthemum tea often is not dazzling
    160. The three volts are inseparable from the mung bean soup on the top of the brazier
    Fruit and vegetable health articles
    Vegetables, fruits and dried fruits are the main non-staple food of the Chinese people, and also the main source of the human body to obtain vitamins, minerals, various trace elements and cellulose. Many vegetables and fruits have medicinal value and have good disease prevention and treatment effects. The proverbs and aphorisms introduced in this article describe the nutritional value of some common vegetables, fruits and dried fruits to the human body, their functions in disease prevention and treatment, and the possible side effects of improper consumption. Memorizing these proverbs and consuming fruits and vegetables in a targeted manner in your daily life will greatly benefit your health and longevity.
    161. Three days without eating blue eyes and gold stars
    162. Eating a fruit game in the morning is like eating a golden fruit
    163、An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me
    164. A few pieces of melon in the summer do not need to be caught
    165. The Peach Raises People and Apricots Injures People and Buries Under the Plum Tree
    166. Banana Nutritional Supplements
    167、One lychee three fires
    168. Lunar May Day Loquat Fresh
    169. Eat grapes without spitting grape skins
    170. Eat three dates every day and never get old
    171. Walnut Shan Zhongbao nourishes the kidney and strengthens the brain
    172. Eating peanuts often can keep you healthy
    173. The most beneficial fruit in the millet
    174. Autumn Sugarcane Competition
    175. Autumn radish is better than medicine, October radish is small
    176. A piece of ginger and a cup of ginger soup
    177. Eating radish in winter and eating ginger in summer does not work for the doctor
    178. Eat radish late and eat ginger early
    179. I ate the October eggplant and starved to death.
    180. Eat purslane for one year without disease
    181. The onion and garlic are not far from the mouth and all the diseases go around
    182. Garlic is a treasure that is often eaten for good health
    183. Eating meat without garlic reduces nutrition by half
    184. Three small peppers on top of a large cotton jacket
    185. Eating onion supplements in the first month of the month
    186. I can't help but eat some green onions.
    187. Onion in the first month of the month
    188. The man is not separated from the leek and the female is not separated from the lotus root
    189. The doctor enjoys leisure after eating cabbage for half a year
    190. March Three Shepherd's Purse Sailing Dan
    191. March spring bamboo shoots and anchovies
    192. Eat more tomatoes, nutrition is good, beautiful, young and sick
    193. Cucumbers are fresh, crisp and sweet, often eaten for beauty
    194. 194
    Symptomatic Drugs
    Medicines are like double-edged swords, they can cure diseases and kill them. According to reports, 1/3 of patients worldwide die of drug abuse every year, which shows the seriousness of improper drug use. Chinese medicine believes that the key to medication is symptomatic treatment, and advocates the dialectical treatment of diseases. The proverbs and aphorisms introduced in this article vividly expounded the truth that medicines are poisonous and that medicines should be symptomatic.
    195、It is a three-point poison of medicine
    196. The medicine is not noble and effective, but it is a panacea
    197. One medicine, one sex, one hundred diseases and one hundred prescriptions
    198. A dose of herbal medicine kills a famous doctor
    199、A thousand ways are easy to get and one effect is hard to find
    200. Tonic, such as using soldiers to supplement indiscriminately, will hurt the body
    201. The ginseng has never been a murderer, and the rhubarb has no success in saving people.
    202. Supplementary arrangement of gongs and drums for typhoid fever
    203. Gastrodia elata is useful for the elderly with headaches
    204. A perilla flower is inseparable from the cold
    205. Women can't be sugar-free for 100 days
    206. The old man is not resting for a long time and eats Cassia
    207. If you want to have bright eyes, always drink wolfberry soup
    Physical exercise articles
    There is an old saying in our country, which is called "flowing water does not rot, and household pivots do not stink." Health care cannot violate this principle. In the struggle for survival in nature for thousands of years, people have realized that proper physical exercise can promote blood circulation, enhance the function and coordination of various internal organs, and regard physical exercise as an important method for maintaining health and promoting health and longevity. Now, with the continuous improvement of material civilization and spiritual civilization, sports have been popularized in cities and villages. The sayings, proverbs and aphorisms in this article not only clarify the meaning of sports, but also introduce some safe and simple ways to exercise and the dos and don'ts of doing them.
    208、Life lies in movement
    209. Reading and using the brain to delay aging
    210. The limbs are not diligent and plagued by all kinds of diseases
    211、Anyone who gets sick
    212. Squat more to strengthen the heart
    213、Going to be the ancestor of Bailian
    214、A hundred steps after a meal to live to ninety-nine
    215、Follow the sun to live through ninety-nine
    216. The body is like steel, often in the sun
    217、The year of Anbu
    218 If you want to be in a good mood, you might as well run
    219. I'm not sick
    221. Fishing and fishing
    222. The method of longevity by writing, drawing and painting
    Other articles
    Love, family, friendship and a good living environment are important conditions for people to maintain health and promote health and longevity. Many sayings, proverbs and aphorisms illustrate this problem. This article strives to explain some common sayings and proverbs related to people's lives from a scientific point of view, so as to help people correctly understand these natural phenomena, and to improve disease prevention and self-protection ability in the face of some natural disasters, so as to achieve the goal of health care. Purpose.
    224. The 100-year-old life is not a dream
    225 At sixty
    226、Knowledge is health
    227、There are many people with old roots and old words.
    228、A thousand dollars is hard to buy old and thin.
    229、One day husband and one hundred days of grace
    230、Young husbands and wives are old companions
    231. The old love is stronger than the young
    232、The old man must be affectionate
    233、Many friends live longer
    234 It is better to find a doctor than to make a friend
    235、Life is like a song
    236、What is right and wrong?
    237. Seeing more beautiful women can prolong life
    238. The old remarriage and the dead wood meet the spring
    239、A man has three operas until he is old and unhappy
    240、There must be "four elders" in a happy old age
    241. Counting ten numbers of physical health and longevity
    242、I'll be there
    243. The children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren Fumo make horses for their children and grandchildren
    244. A high official is not as good as a high salary and a high salary is not as good as a long life.
    245. The Song of Health
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