No matter when and where, the position change of an object will always cause some unavoidable effects. The change of the house position of the astral body is also the same. In astrology, the house position change of the astral body has different predictions. So, when Zhi Shen is in the seventh house, what kind of prediction does he give us? Let's go and have a look!

  Because Zhisheng is the incarnation of the goddess of wisdom, Athena, it has infinite wisdom. It is our thinking about things and the behavioral thinking about how to respond to changes in things. However, the fact that Zhisheng falls into the house means that we are We cannot solve problems and unforeseen laws.

  Therefore, those who have Zhi Shen in the seventh house will be with those who have the ability to foresee and solve problems (marry or become a work partner). But more often, it will be easier for people with this star position to do things, if someone is by their side. Other people don't even need to say a word, as long as someone is around, it can make it easier for the person in this star position to solve problems and discover patterns.

  Concluding remarks: In a word, people who have Zhi Shen in the seventh house will have difficulty in everything. For them, it is simple. At the same time, their ability to foresee is incomparable. of.

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