If you can see the magic mirror of the future, many people want to see what the other half of the future is like. But in reality the magic mirror is hard to find. However, there is a female god who can guide our love and marriage, and it is the god of marriage. Combining a person's Juno with his entire astrolabe, we can infer the whole picture of this person's love and marriage!
  Next, let us take a look at the impact when Juno is in the eighth house!

  Juno is in the eighth house: You need a sex machine partner. Because the eighth house also rules your partner's property, they will treat you as their property (especially when there is a tense aspect). Marriage can help you transform yourself (whether you want it or not).
  Juno in the eighth house means that with other ordinary spouses, they are both talented and beautiful. But before the marriage, they will experience the events of the third party, and they can't marry the lover of the first love. If your lover is your first love, you have to be psychologically prepared and just fall in love. It is unlikely that there will be results.

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