Gossip is also divided into innate gossip and acquired gossip. The innate gossip map originated from the ancestor of the Chinese nation, Fuxi, so the Fuxi gossip that we often hear is also the congenital gossip. At that time, it invented the gossip map according to the changes in the world. The Houtian Bagua originated from King Wen of Zhou in the Shang Dynasty. The Houtian Bagua is actually a derivative of the Innate Bagua, which can be superimposed on each other to form a hexagram. The overlap can reach 64 hexagrams. So far we have the concept of time.

The innate gossip introduces "Tai Chi gives birth to two instruments, two instruments give birth to four images, and four images give birth to gossip". It embodies the process of the formation of the universe. The eight hexagrams displayed on the Congenital Eight Diagrams are Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun. They respectively embody the process of the formation of the universe. Different hexagrams represent different things. properties, orientation, etc.

On the Congenital Eight Diagrams, the Qian Gua and the Kun Gua below represent the heaven and the earth, and the upper and lower spaces already exist. Moreover, the orientation has already appeared, the Qian hexagram represents pure yang, which is due south, and the Kun hexagram represents pure yin, which is due north. Li Gua represents fire and is due east. The Kan hexagram represents water and is due west. Dui Gua represents Ze, which is southeast. The Zhen hexagram represents thunder, which is the northeast. The Gen hexagram is a mountain, representing the northwest. The Sun trigram represents the wind, which is the southwest. And these can be clearly marked on the congenital gossip map.

The Four Diagrams of the Eight Trigrams of the Day After Tomorrow are upright. The yang is lifted first, and the yin is handed after. In the north and south, the Qian Gua is above and the Kun Gua is below. The dry position becomes the Li Gua, and the Kun position becomes the Kan Gua. Become from South Kanbei. East and west, the Kan hexagram is on top and the Li hexagram is on the bottom. The Kan position becomes the Dui Gua, and the deviated position becomes the Zhen Gua. Become a shock east versus west.

The congenital gossip expresses the image of space objects and the positioning of heaven and earth. The cycle process of the acquired gossip reflects the changes of the four seasons and the process of the growth of all things, and also shows the close relationship between the acquired gossip and agricultural production. The congenital gossip diagram shows that yin and yang ebb and flow together. The Eight Trigrams of Houtian is the picture of the Five Elements, the way of change and development. It is consistent with the five elements of the river map in the east, the south, the fire, the west, the gold, the north, and the water.

A correct understanding of innate gossip and acquired gossip is of great significance to our real life. Why do you say that? Because the innate gossip is about the relationship between the top and bottom, it is a matter of layout, you can use this when buying a house, choose different floors according to your personal preferences, and you can supplement yourself according to the innate gossip map, such as lack of soil. You can choose the first floor, the top floor when there is no fire, and so on, while the acquired gossip means that you can choose the type of apartment that suits you according to your own numerology, and make a reasonable arrangement.