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Watanabe Junichi said: Sex is the culture of love.

Some people say that sex and love are the palm and the back of the hand, turning the hand over is love, and covering the hand is sex.

For men, sex is a simple thing, love is a complicated thing.

Therefore, what can really make a man fall is love.

If he doesn't love you, he won't be able to go to bed.

Liuliu and her "boyfriend" met at a company dinner. The two hit it off and had a good conversation. When they left, they avoided the crowd by coincidence and went straight to the hotel to have a relationship. After that, they didn't Establish a relationship verbally.

But in Liuliu's heart, he was already her boyfriend, and they would meet once a week, which she called "dating". Later, she found out that something was wrong. Her so-called boyfriend did not fulfill her responsibilities as a boyfriend at all.

Once, Liuliu was sick with a fever, and he just said lightly: "Cover a few more layers of quilts, drink more hot water, and cover up your sweat."

Liuliu complained a little and asked if he had time to accompany him to the hospital.

"Boyfriend" said that he's been too busy recently and really has no time. I'll see if I can ask for leave tomorrow, if I can accompany her again. Liuliu waited until the next morning with hope, and called to explain that there was a meeting. Liuliu held on to hope and waited until the afternoon, and the "boyfriend" simply didn't answer the phone.

Liuliu cried for a whole day, and he didn't call until the evening. Although the apology seemed sincere, it just explained that he was too busy and didn't have time. You can go by yourself tomorrow.

For many days after that, the "boyfriend" seemed to disappear until Liuliu was cured.

Although she was still full of passion on re-dating, it was as if the illness had never happened. Liuliu then realized that she unilaterally thought that having a relationship with a man meant that the relationship was confirmed, but the other party didn't think so. of.

In his eyes, this is not a relationship, this is passion, no commitment is required, and it is not a confirmation of love, it is just a product of hormones.

I remember Gu Cheng wrote in "The Alley": The alley is curved and long, with no doors and no windows. I took an old key and knocked on the thick wall.

And this poem, used to describe a person who doesn't love you, I don't think it's more appropriate than this.

I don't love you, no matter how many keys you take, no matter how helpless you are, you can't open that thick wall. Just like no matter how many times you go to bed, you can't get him back.

A reader wrote to me in the previous paragraph. She said that after breaking up, she agreed to his request for dating again and again, thinking that he was thinking of an old relationship, but later found out that it turned out to be his free friend.

She described her relationship as being as low as dust. The two were in a long-distance relationship. When they broke up, she begged hard. In order to shorten the distance between each other, as long as there were no special circumstances on weekends, she would rush to the train station after work on Friday afternoon to take 5 trains. The hour train arrives in his city at 12 am.

Because it was too late, I never dared to call him to pick him up, for fear of being disliked by him, for fear that he would find it troublesome. He knew she was coming, and sometimes he would go to the hotel at noon the next day to find her, and sometimes the next night, but he never stayed overnight for various reasons.

She said she insisted on it for a whole year, until one day, the man called her and said, don't come on weekends in the future, he is going to get married this week.

It wasn't until that moment that she realized that he had no love for her, and was just coveting a free and active friend. She also realized that one-sided love is like boiling a frog in warm water.

Brother Kai wants to tell the girls that the love that can be saved under such conditions is not worth it, really. The crux of this relationship is that he has no love for you at all. If he still covets your body, it's just a biological instinct, it's not love. Going to bed is the least expensive and least efficient way to restore love. So naturally, the love that comes in exchange also carries emptiness.

More than 2,000 years ago, Confucius said: food is also nature.

Just like when we are hungry, we will eat, if we do not eat, we will be hungry, and after we have eaten, we will be full and forget. This natural need is not even thought of, let alone the love of the soul to pay for the other party.

Love is a kind of mutual tacit understanding and long-term life of trust. Just like a number of gears are inlaid together to form a machine, it is not something that a simple physical relationship can restore. Therefore, we must not waste our bodies on impossible people.

I think the best and best state between two people is when he looks at you, you look at her, you smile, you don't know what the other person is thinking, but you know that you are very happy with each other.

Such a scene has happened countless times to one of my colleagues, Azu. He and his girlfriend, Xiao Mushroom, have become accustomed to it.

They are in a long-distance relationship, and they really do not see each other for many years. Sometimes I even feel that they are in a spiritual relationship. Both are very talented people who admire each other, but are also shy and slow. They have been together for more than a year, and it is said that they have never crossed the line. But this does not hinder the sweetness of the two, and they even have to make videos when everyone has a dinner. We joked that Azu was under investigation, but he said seriously, I can't be by her side, but I can't be absent from her spiritual world.

I have to say, his attitude towards love makes me awestruck.

It seems to us that the collision of their minds is more intense than the physical one, which is probably what a soul mate looks like.

Physical communication is essential, which cannot be denied. After all, we are not Plato, and we are even less willing to pursue the purest and most beautiful love like Plato and live alone. But not all love is based on the body. On the contrary, I think the love of the body is based on the soul.

Therefore, if people whose souls fit together, they will end up in the same way; if not, then no matter how many storms they have experienced together, they will eventually part ways.

There are thousands , sexual, asexual, heterosexual, homosexual, but not only sexual.

Love, I just want to sleep with "you".

Instead, I just want to "sleep" with you.

Smart girl, you all know that, right?