Netizens ask :How to delete redundant input methods? There are too many input methods in the computer, and some are not commonly used. What should I do if I want to delete them?


 & nbsp;   In the position of the input method on the taskbar, click the right mouse button, select the setting, it will open the "Text service and input language" dialog box, in " The "Installed services" box will list all your input methods, select the ones you don't need, and then click the "Delete" button next to it, and if you need to add which input method in the future, the same is here Just click "Add" and then select the input method you need;

     You can also set the "default input language" , The drop-down list has already displayed all your current input methods, you only need to select the default input method, that is to say, when you just boot or the program is running, the system needs to display the input method.