Among the secrets of the universe, our friends are endlessly exploring secrets, no matter which planet is mysterious, and Ceres, discovered in 1801, has many secrets that we have not been able to explore. What has been explored recently was discovered in January of this year, and water vapor was found on its surface. It can be seen that the changes of the celestial bodies are happening at any time, but the magnitudes that occur are different, and such changes have many different meanings in astrology.

  In the same way, the combination of the stars and the stars also has many astrological meanings. Then, when Ceres and the well-known Pluto combine to produce an aspect, what kind of person will be born at this time? What kind of experience do you have in your life? Let's take a look!

  The inter-combination of stars to produce aspects is common in the world of astrology, and it also implies many predictions that we don't know. However, his predictions are always inseparable from the main star. It can be seen that when Ceres and Pluto are combined, the things predicted are mainly inseparable from Ceres. However, in astrology, because Ceres is the incarnation of the goddess of harvest in ancient Greek mythology, it is a female planet that controls the nurturing (caring) we receive in our early childhood and how we nurture ( Caring for others. It also directly dominates our food and clothing.

  It can be seen that when Ceres and Pluto are combined to produce an aspect, the education that the person born at this time received in his childhood is inseparable from the spirit of change. Moreover, the theme of their lives is the way of "willing to be". In addition, they can also create things and are willing to share what they have created with others. However, if they are in the moment of being separated from their loved ones forever, their spirits will also face extreme crisis.

  Because the aspects produced by the combination of stars are divided into categories, and these categories also indicate different things. So, what is the different aspect of Ceres and Pluto? The tense aspect (here also includes the conjunct aspect) expresses what I call "negotiating support." For example: "Do you want something like this?" Okay, you can do something for me first. "Do you want anything else?" Then I will do this again. In other words, all support and care are not free. This will make you squeeze or be squeezed dry by others, forcing others or being forced by others. And the harmony aspect, through their support, they can save others (if others are) on the line of death (of course "if" is critical).

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